Art Collection

The Hotel Astoria houses two valuable treasures: a collection of posters from the early twentieth century and a museum room dedicated to the Catalan artist Ricard Opisso.

Advertising posters by modernist and Art Nouveau artists decorate the walls of the Astor restaurant. The neighboring room also boasts posters of local festivals and major events in Barcelona, including the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

The Opisso Museum, located off the lobby, showcases over a hundred pieces from the illustrator Ricard Opisso. A tour of the Catalan artist’s life within the cultural context of the first half of the twentieth century, from his beginnings as an apprentice to Gaudí, when he regularly visited Barcelona’s “Els Quartre Gats”, a tavern that served as a haven for artists and bohemians and where the artist met Picasso, to his time in Paris, where Opisso had the chance to unleash his most insinuation side and published work in French satirical magazines under the pseudonym “le Bigre”. After the Civil War he left behind his social criticism work and turned toward a personal projection that was friendlier and more in line with his new clients’ tastes. 

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